Project budgeting
made simple

Apprio's easy-to-use budgeting solution helps you better plan the future, get control over your cash flow, and make more strategic financial decisions.
Project budgeting made simple.
A better collaboration between operations and finance

Better Collaboration between Operations and Finance

  • Distributed budgets across teams
  • Guided and controlled processes
  • Real-time collaboration
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“Apprio gives us a way to easily communicate with our supporters, demonstrate our financial prudence and our impact in real-time."

Elaine Rasmussen
CEO & Founder

More Time to Drive Project Success

  • Automated financial planning
  • Ready-made and flexible templates
  • Quicker response to new information
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“Apprio is a great tool for those that don't have the resources and time. It streamlines managing, financing, and marketing your organization".

Jesse Theirl, Business and ProPEL Instructor
Plan for the future

All Your Projects in One Budgeting Tool

“Amazing tool to help manage our finances”.

Elaine Rasmussen,
CEO - Social Impact Strategies Group

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