The Better Way to Budget

Apprio can help you develop useful plans and budgets in less than sixty minutes.
step 1

Define your projects

Determine which actions at your organization constitute a project.
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step 2

Add your revenue streams

Add revenue streams that support the operations of each project or allocate funding sources shared across multiple projects.
step 3

Add your workforce costs

Add new or existing personnel to your budgets then allocate the salaries, employee benefits, and payroll taxes of each worker across one or more projects.
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step 4

Add other expenses

Add direct or shared expenses to your project across multiple projects.
step 5

Review and allocate

Use our step-by-step guide with instructions to ensure your cost allocations are accurate.
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step 6

Allocate indirect and fundraising costs

Allocate your general, management and fundraising expenses to determine the true cost of each project or program.
step 7

Create different versions

Share and collaborate on your draft budgets to ensure accuracy and alignment with strategic goals.
step 8

Review and finalize your budgets

Collaborate, finalize, and lock down your budgets with approvals and commentary from your leadership team. 
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“Amazing tool to help manage our finances”.

Elaine Rasmussen,
CEO - Social Impact Strategies Group

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